We made it through the springtime allergy season and celebrated Mother’s Day in style with some delicious and easy to make mocktails. Now it’s time for summer! With warmer weather, sunshine, backyard BBQs and community cookouts, there’s so much to look forward to during the summer season, including Father’s Day. If you have a daughter like Joyce, founder of Chixi, you may be looking for some ideas on how to plan the perfect Father’s day. Here are six daddy-daughter inspired activities for this upcoming Sunday.

#1 Attend a Ball Game

Take me out to the ball game! Score some seats to the local ballgame and celebrate Father’s Day as dad and daughter root, root, root for the home team. Head to the ballpark early and tailgate. Some summertime classics include grilled chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers. Pack a couple of gloves and a baseball so dad and daughter can have a game of catch before the first pitch is thrown.

#2 Go Golfing or Mini Golfing

If dad and daughter both enjoy golf, celebrate Father’s Day on the fairway. Hit a few rounds on the driving range or book a tee time and go mini golfing instead. Before dad and daughter head out, make sure they fuel up for a day of Father’s Day fun. Whip up a bowl of overnight oats or a chocolate avocado smoothie and send dad and daughter off knowing they are well fed and in for a great day of quality time spent together.

#3 Paint Pottery

Channel your creative side and make a reservation at a local paint your own pottery place. This gives both dad and daughter the opportunity to be creative together and can present a one of a kind opportunity for some great father daughter conversations. Plus, dad and daughter will each leave with something tangible, which can serve as a wonderful memory for their time spent together.

#4 Picnic in the Park

Go for a walk in the local park then plan a Father’s Day picnic together. Pack some snacks like fresh fruit, vegetable sticks and a jar of Chixi for dipping. Make a fresh summertime salad or some sandwiches and don’t forget something delicious for dessert like homemade chocolate chip cookies or flourless chocolate cake. Pack some fun activities like a frisbee and don’t forget the sunblock!

#5 See a Cirque Du Soleil

One of Sienna’s favorite things to do with her Dad is attend a local Cirque Du Soleil Show. Shows will vary between cities, but range from immersive experiences, multimedia productions, theme parks and special events. No matter what show you attend, dads and daughters alike will be mesmerized by the art and creativity that goes into each and every Cirque Du Soleil show.

#6 Spend a Day in the Great Outdoors

Start the day bright and early with a stack of homemade banana pancakes then head outside to celebrate Father’s Day in the great outdoors. Plan an early morning daddy daughter day out to Dad’s favorite fishing hole. If your daughter isn’t a fan of fishing, but loves animals, plan a trip to the local zoo. Looking for some more activity? Try a hike or bike ride around your community park, hiking trails or nature preserve. No matter what you decide to do, pack enough water to stay hydrated and some snacks like homemade granola bites or some protein bites.

No matter how you celebrate Father’s Day, remember to take a moment to tell all of the fathers in your life how much you love and appreciate them. After all, that is the best Father’s Day gift of all!

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