Made With Love

My name is Joyce and I came up with the idea for a chickpea butter 6 years ago before my daughter Sienna was to attend a school where no nuts of any kind were allowed. If I couldn’t send her to school with a peanut butter sandwich, then I wanted to make something for her that was equally nutritious in healthy fats, fiber and protein. Since I had been including chickpeas as a nut-free snack for some time, I decided to use them as the base for a nut-alternative, butter-like product… the task was figuring out how to make it not taste like hummus. My experience in the food industry gave me new ideas and the more I saw the need for nut-free products grow, the more I wanted to launch.

We call my daughter Sisi and since the chickpea butter concept was created with her in mind, I wanted her to be a part of the brand. It is pronounced ‘Chicsi’ but we spell it ‘Chixi’ as way to add a little fun.

Six years later Chixi is ready to be available to more than just my family and friends!

If there was a defining moment for me it would be the thought of Sisi growing up not having experienced a PB&J sandwich as I grew up enjoying.

Chixi is the new CB&J!