What Makes Us Different?

Our Ingredients

Chixi Chickpea Butter is made with chickpeas, safflower oil, and coconut oil. This is unique from traditional nut butters which normally use nuts like almonds and peanuts, plus the addition of palm oil. We use safflower oil because it offers the healthy fats of an unsaturated fat, while the coconut oil we use is a source of the healthiest saturated fats on the planet. Many of the allergen-free products available are also not very nutritious, as they are often filled with refined starches and high in sugar. Our Lightly Sweetened Chixi Chickpea Butter has a small amount of cane sugar added ​for a touch of sweetness. As we are a lifestyle company we minimize our sugar intake through the recommended servings. Should you prefer no added sugar the Unsweetened Chixi Chickpea Butter is a great way to dress it up to your own liking. All ingredients are non-GMO, Organic, and made in a Kosher facility.  (official certification is processing)


Palm oil is a saturated fat that is traditionally used in many foods including nut butters, however, it has a massive environmental impact as the sourcing causes deforestation which creates a complete imbalance to our world’s ecosystem. Even palm oil claiming ‘sustainable’ increases the demand for the unsustainable commodity. It is a vicious cycle which we have selected to not partake in at all by not including it as an ingredient.

Allergen Free

Allergens are growing steadily in the population and more institutions are removing nut allergens in particular. With less acceptability of nuts and nut butters, we are removing a resource for nutritious fats, protein and fiber. With Chixi, people can enjoy their favorite nut butter and jelly sandwiches without compromising on taste or nutrition. They can make cookies and bake bars that call for nut butters as an ingredient. Or go savory and make your favorite peanut-free peanut sauce for your stir-fry. Chixi is the closest thing you have ever experienced to peanut butter but without the allergies.

At Chixi, we try to live as wholesome a lifestyle, as many people do, through eating nutritious foods. For us, nutrition doesn’t mean you have to compromise on taste and that is what we incorporate in the Chixi product line.

Simple ingredients that do not over complicate a recipe. Clean ingredients that are sustainable and promote a positive impact on our lifestyle and the environment. We believe in contributing to a world of wholesome food one spoonful at a time.

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