Valentine’s Day may have passed, but if you are looking for some extra special recipes to spread the love, we have four we know you’ll enjoy. Whether you are making breakfast for your little ones, sharing a sweet treat at the office or enjoying an indulgent night in, these Chixi recipes are perfect for sharing with your loved ones.

Banana Pancakes

Bake up a batch of love with a stack of homemade banana pancakes. With only three ingredients, these pancakes are perfect to whip up. Get creative and add some fun toppings to your flapjacks for a sprinkle of fresh flavor. Some great go-to options are fresh fruit, maple syrup or honey, Chixi, unsweetened coconut and chocolate chips. Yum!

Tip: Make a few extra and pop them in the fridge or freezer to enjoy at a later date!

Chocolate Avocado Cake

Say I love you with a homemade chocolate cake with a modern twist – avocado. Since avocado is pretty flavorless on its own, consider it a blank canvas for all of your culinary skills. Sweetened with honey, a natural sweetener, this chocolate avocado cake includes our Vanilla Chixi Butter and another one of our favorite foods, Within Without Granola.

Chocolate Hearts

Everyone loves indulging in a box of assorted chocolates, but why not get creative and make your own with this recipe for homemade chocolate hearts. They’re easier than you think! Simple grab your favorite jar of Chixi, some chocolate, Montana Mex Sweet Seasoning blend and you’re all ready to become your very own chocolatier.

Double Chocolate Protein Bites

Perfect for passing out and sharing with others, these Double Chocolate Protein Bites are super easy to make. If you are feeling festive, add some flair by rolling some protein bites in some fun toppings like extra chocolate chips, unsweetened coconut shreds, goji berries or sprinkles.

We love Chixi. And we love when our loved ones love Chixi! These recipes are too good not to share, so grab a couple of jars and your favorite baking buddy & get creative! Tag us @hellochixi so we can see all of your delicious culinary creations.