Dear Sienna,

This will be the 9th year I get to celebrate Mother’s Day with all of the other lucky moms in this world.  When I think back to you coming into my life I can’t help but smile the biggest smile. The thought of you is my most happiest thought. Every day with you is a day to celebrate getting to be your mom because you are the best thing that could have ever come into my life.

Mommy tells you this all of the time but I wanted to write you a letter that you can re-read any time that you are missing mommy. We have a special relationship because mommy’s job that brings me to Chicago each week and we see each other on the weekends. Not getting to see you everyday is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. And that includes giving birth to you naturally for 36 hours. But every ounce of that pain was worth it just to get to see you, hold you, kiss you and be your mom with endless love.

There is nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for you and mommy works as hard as she does to make sure you are always happy, healthy and safe. Mommy also works this hard to be a good role model to you and to teach you how to set goals and work hard to meet those goals to achieve our dreams. Already, you are a determined little girl and I am so proud of the work you do in school, guitar lessons and horseback riding.

As you grow you will learn how to set goals and work towards achieving them.  It is my responsibility and pleasure to help you learn how to do so, which is why it is so very important to mommy to have you be a part of Chixi. You were my inspiration for the idea when you were just 2 years old…and 7 years later you have grown up enough to get to be a part of making Chixi.

When you get older, you don’t have to work at Chixi if you don’t want too since I know you want to be an actress. 🙂 For now I am just happy that you like being involved and taking pictures for Instagram and coming up with recipes. You are such a good baker and so creative that I love watching what you come up with. It doesn’t always taste the best because you get a little crazy sometimes, but it doesn’t matter because you love what you are doing. And I love every bit of your crazy ideas because I want you to always be creative and motivated to act on whatever it is you want to create.

I truly love when you write stories and create art. I know you love to make slime but that is not one of mommy’s favorite things you do. 😉 I let you do it because you have so much fun making slime and you actually want to start selling the slime…so now I am totally cool with you making as much as you do! But more stories and paintings are greatly appreciated too.

Anyhoo… just wanted you to have this letter from me to you to say, ‘I love you’ and ‘thank you for being you’. You are perfect in every way. If I had of known that you would have turned out so perfect I would have 10 more of you. Just 10, anything more and I just couldn’t afford your slime making business.

Big Hugs and Kisses, muah muah